EGF Extra Glow Serum 50ml £38.00

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Special anti-aging, skin rejuvenation and anti-pigmentation serum for a hydrated and bright skin

It prevents unnecessary pigmentation, blocking the aging mechanisms, providing an antioxidant, nourishing and calming effect. This serum restores tired and dull skin damaged by to much sun and exccesive stress. It restores skins barrier functions and increases its water-holding capacity. It contributes to a powerful stimulation of skin cells and formation of collagen, weakening the impact of ultraviolet radiation on cells and DNA, neutralizing the reactive oxygen forms, preventing lipid peroxidation and aging of the skin and inhibiting tyrosinase activity and melanin formation.

Main ingredients
• 0.5% Hyaluronic Acid (5 mg/ml LMWHA)
• sh-oligopeptide-1 (EGF)
• Arbutin
• Mulberry Bark Extract
• Jeju (Korea) Orange,


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