FAQ’s EllieM


Am I suitable for semi-permanent make-up?

Most individuals are suitable for some form of semi-permanent make-up.  At your initial consultation, we will explore precisely which treatments are available to you, in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Can I have semi-permanent make-up if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

You cannot have semi-permanent make-up whilst pregnant and it is also not recommended whilst breastfeeding.

Can you provide semi-permanent make-up services to me if I have pre-existing work carried out elsewhere?

We may be able to undertake correction work for you.  A consultation will determine whether or not this is possible.  We are also able to remove existing semi-permanent make-up and again this will be fully explored during your initial consultation.

Does semi-permanent make-up hurt?

Client comfort is our top priority at the clinic.  In order to minimise any discomfort, a numbing cream is applied prior to and during treatment.